Welcome to Merchants Common Superwash!

Merchants Common Superwash is a large, clean, and modern laundry with lots of parking and plenty of available machines, including multi-vending, convenience sink, towels, & cups.

Come experience the Superwash difference and enjoy extra large machines, snacks & soda, and take advantage of cash, credit, debit, and loyalty card payments. Check out our discounts and promotions below!

Open 5AM to Midnight – 365 days a year!

Specials & Discounts

Wash to Win

Register your laundry card to earn points every time you do your laundry with us. Once you reach the points goal a cash bonus is automatically added to your card!

Birthday Bonus

Get a $5 Birthday Bonus! Look out for a special message when you visit the store the week of your birthday.


South Weymouth, MA - Air Conditioning
South Weymouth, MA - Free Parking
South Weymouth, MA - Large Machines
South Weymouth, MA - Clean
South Weymouth, MA - Snacks and Soda

Leave Your Quarters Behind!

Cash & Credit Accepted
Superwash offers multiple ways to pay. Credit cards, debit cards and cash are accepted to add value to your Laundry Card.

Loyalty = Rewards
Keep the same laundry card for each visit and you will be eligible for various bonuses and loyal customer benefits!

Lost Card? No Problem!
As long as you register your full name, address, phone number and email on your card we will issue you a new card and transfer the balance from your lost card.

Loads of Machines!

Medium Washers = 1-3 loads
Large Washers = 4-6 loads
XL Washers = 8 loads
Dryers: Medium & Large

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Customer Reviews

  • No rush, extended timings and decent laundromat in South Weymouth.

    arun upadhyaya Avatar arun upadhyaya

    Clean, easy to access and awesome variety of machines!!

    Hila Avatar Hila

    Super large machines!

    Judith Arias Avatar Judith Arias

    Clean, safe, good location.

    Rebecca Summet Avatar Rebecca Summet
  • I the laundromat was very nice and clean and nice area

    Sandy Evju Avatar Sandy Evju

    good place

    mike skinner Avatar mike skinner

    Very clean and great hours..

    Melanie Pica Avatar Melanie Pica

    Like this place so very comfort to do it laundry . ...

    Celena HOLLAND Avatar Celena HOLLAND
  • Nice clean laundry mat, plenty of machines and friendly workers

    Ed Young Avatar Ed Young

    Laundry mat open til midnight cant beat it!

    Courtney Gioncardi Avatar Courtney Gioncardi

    Very clean and large easy to social distance in off hours early or late

    L B Avatar L B

    This place was clean and reasonable prices

    Jennifer cokonougher Avatar Jennifer cokonougher
  • Clean, convenient, working machines. Vending machine. Good payment options and prices.

    Steve Disher Avatar Steve Disher

    So clean..great environment to wash your clothes...

    Linda Henderson Avatar Linda Henderson

    great place to wash and dry clothes .

    Kathleen Turcotte Avatar Kathleen Turcotte

    Nice and clean!

    Tee Renee Avatar Tee Renee
  • Very clean New machines

    Linda Walsh Avatar Linda Walsh

    Unstaffed so you are left to do laundry in peace. Great hours: 5AM - midnight everyday! There is also a few old school centrifuges where you can spin (for 95 cents) your clothes extra fast after wash and save time & money when you transfer them to the dryer. The music is set to easy listening 99.1 FM. Everything about this place is cool. Standard credit/debit card payment for rechargable laundry cards.

    Ian Gong Avatar Ian Gong

    Nice and warm in there

    Anthony Lisboa Avatar Anthony Lisboa

    I didn't see a single machine that said out of order. Very clean and large space. Owner was extremely responsive when I called with a question...

    Sheila Walsh Avatar Sheila Walsh
  • The MAT is awesome it's newly renovated. The washers n dryers in there are huge. Lots of space n saves time! Love getty back to where I love to do my laundry. So happy it's done now. It was my first great experience there in a while. If recommend it to everyone!

    Jude Hegarty Avatar Jude Hegarty

    Love this place need to ac up more

    Leslie Trubiano Avatar Leslie Trubiano

    I go every week busy on weekends. Clean and everything is there u need

    christina Sullivan Avatar christina Sullivan

    I didn't see a single machine that said out of order. Very clean and large space. Owner was extremely responsive when I called with a question...

    Sheila Walsh Avatar Sheila Walsh

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Address: 1620 Main St. So Weymouth, MA 02303
Phone: (781) 335-6026